Teamwork - Innovation and Experience hand

Just a good idea is not enough, you have to be able to put it into praxis. We focus our efforts on user-oriented consulting, communicate in an understandable way and we help you to find a favourable and a cost-effective solution.

Good consulting work is an investment, that is realized into the future.



A customer-foccused service plays an integral part in our business. Whatever the problem is that has to be solved, around transponder and identification technology, you can expect exceptional support from us.

Concisely, we meet any special requirements you may have, when you have them.


Custom Design (R&D)

cavitec regards itself as a partner and a service provider. Whether the production of a customised transponder is needed or the modification of reader and components should fulfill the requirements.

With us customer wishes form the basis of a dialogue leading from the concept to the final production.